How to be Productive

When you’re working for an advertising agency or probably an industry where creatives are highly probably – you can’t help but depend on INFOGRAPHICS.

Productivity Infographic

Productivity Infographic

At this point, I’m learning on the art of ‘Not responding to everything’ and to set the messengers on mute not up until there are urgent annoucements that needs to be responded to for clearances.

Feed the Curiosity: On Bitcoins and then Some.

bitcoin envelope

Quasi-knowledgeable and naive of what Bitcoins are and the Blockchain; curiosity caught me in this industry.

When the husband of my former boss (and my first marketing mentor) asked me if I know of anything to do with Bitcoins, naturally, I had to google it within a few seconds in order to get back to him. (I bet you’re as guilty as I am for researching through something you know nothing of instantaneously on Google)

To be honest, it took me awhile to understand what this cryptocurrency is. We had lengthy conversations on mobile, had ‘bar’ dates and chats on Facebook before I finally jumped in. I can’t say I’m well in-depth knowledgeable of this digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security wherein peer-to-peer exchange through technology operate with no central authority or banks is all about — I eventually fell for it and got my ‘hidden’ tech side slowly accept that this is where the future is heading.

Yes, there are still tons for me to understand.

For starters, let me walk you through what I have understood and learned:

What is Bitcoin? Just like what you think of paper money, it’s the same as what Bitcoins are. It has a unit of account, medium of exchange and store of value. The only difference from cash is the visibility of an actual paper trail. However, in comparison to paper trail — transparency is more viable as it connects through peer-to-peer exchange via internet interface portal.

Just like how you invest on Foreign Exchange. You can store wealth. If you’ve been storing a block of Gold, it’s the same thing principle. You may have the block of Gold, but you just can’t use it (to almost anything anymore) to pay for goods however with Bitcoin; in time, as the market is vastly growing in the world — you may, you would, you could.

How do you get Bitcoins? Start from downloading your own Bitcoin Wallet on your ios or Android (Personally, I’m using Blockchain on Android). You can get bitcoins by accepting them as a payment for goods and services or by buying them from a friend or someone near you. There are trustworthy sites who render services for you to exchange your current currency to Bitcoins, such as or get to read more through on how to get you started.

Where do you get to spend it? Locally in Manila, Philippines, I get to spend my Bitcoin through Bitmarket.PH’s listing or shop through online shopping sites who already accept Bitcoin as payment option such as

How will you be able to have your Bitcoin exchanged into your local currency? It’s non-debatable that Cash is king. If you’re a merchant, the local listing from Bitmarket.PH would have your Bitcoins exchanged into your currency without any charges by having it deposited to your desired bank account (e.i PHP 1.00 to Php 1.00) . Of course, you have an option to keep your Bitcoins on your wallet for your own personal (or business) transactions.

There are no middle-man charges. Remember, it’s a peer-to-peer transaction. Straightforward.

Read more about my Bitcoin learning on this blog.





Universal Sports Network Presents Boston Marathon “Run as One” Series March 10 – April 21

Universal Sports Network, the exclusive national television and digital media home of the Boston Marathon, announced today the launch of the “Run as One” series. The 15-episode, short-form video series will air run of schedule and be made available online at beginning today, March 10, and continue through the live coverage of the 118th Boston Marathon, which begins at 8:30 a.m. ET on Monday, April 21, 2014.

In honor of the perseverance and triumph of the human spirit, the “Run as One” series tells the personal stories of those directly affected by the tragic events of the 2013 Boston bombings. As told by survivors, first responders, medical personnel and race officials, these moving first-hand accounts demonstrate strength of character and a resilient will to move forward.

Among those profiled in the series are survivors Nicole and Mike Gross (Charlotte, NC), Marc Fucarile (Stoneham, MA) and Heather Abbott (Newport, RI); Boston Marathon race director David McGillivray; world famous father and son team Dick and Rick Hoyt; former New England Patriot and cancer survivor Joe Andruzzi; Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz, former City of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino; and Dr. David R. King who finished running the marathon just before the bombings occurred and then immediately began performing surgery on the injured at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Our efforts to examine the impact of the 2013 Boston tragedy involve telling personal and emotional stories of both sorrow and triumph,” said Universal Sports Network Senior V.P. of Content Robert James. “We needed to uncover the heartbeat of the city, and chose local Boston production company Moody Street TV to help capture the essence of the race, and its meaning to runners and non runners alike. Through Universal Sports’ Boston Marathon “Run as One” series, we showcase the perseverance and resilience of the survivors and City of Boston as a whole, while looking forward in a positive light with all eyes toward the 2014 race.”

In addition, Universal Sports is working with all of its distribution partners to provide their customers with free previews in order to access event coverage for the week leading up to and the day of the Boston Marathon. Affiliates offering free preview windows during the month of April include Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber, satellite providers DIRECTV and DISH and numerous regional cable and IPTV operators in markets across the country.

“We are appreciative of how all of our distributors have enthusiastically stepped up with national marketing, promotion and free preview campaigns to help support this significant event in helping to make the 2014 Boston Marathon even greater,” said Anne E. Droste head of distribution for Universal Sports.

To find where Universal Sports is available, please visit our channel finder at

ARTE PINAY: FREE Financial Workshop

We’re back to teaching our fellow artists, writers, and musicians on how to take care of their earnings from gigs and bookings and how to make them grow to achieve their future financial goals.

 This time around, our lady volunteers from Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy who are artists themselves in their own rights, will be sharing with us their knowledge and experience in managing their  finances and investing them in various financial instruments.

The FREE workshop will take place on March 2, 2014, Sunday, at 2PM at the UCC Cafe Burgos Circle near Cantinetta/Johnny Rockets, Forbes Town Center, Taguig City.
The workshop will feature Kuripot Pinay (Rhea Mocorro) and her 52-Week Money-Saving Challenge, Mercedes “Des” Feliciano of Des Illustrations (Shell national arts competition champion) will share her investing journey in the stock marketstock marketstock market as an artist, and blogger/finance advocate Krissy Domingo (moneylifeblood) will discuss about investing in pooled funds (mutual funds/UITF’s).

The workshop will be hosted by yours truly, fitness finance blogger Kassy Pajarillo and mommy investor Carmi Irene Revilla-Cristobal.


Text your complete name, email address, and mobile number to +63 917 5540014 or email The workshop is FREE but you have to grab your own cup of coffee to join the workshop. Register now and invite your friends to come!

 Be financial literate! No artist nor any of us should starve! :)

For FREE Financial Analysis, you may book your appointment through or send-in a message to the number stated above.

See you!

Saving Habit


Do you remember saving your allowance in your piggy bank? Imagine feeding that coin box Php 28/day in 365 days would surprise you with Php 10,000? What a feat!

Here are few ways on how you can save:

1. Separate accounts
– Automatic transfers per payroll would do best. Have an account that you’ll consider like a utility bill and let it grow by itself. You may open a Direct Deposit or a UITF for higher returns.

2. Practice the Classic
– A coin box or any piggy bank would do the trick. Don’t take those coins for granted.  Try saving all those Php 5 or Php 10 coins every each time you receive one and make sure you feed your piggy bank just like how you feed your pet everyday.

3. Variable Life Insurance
– A savings booster that will make you commit, make time work for you. A plan which will give you living and death benefits including hospital allowance allocation for those emergency confinement needs.

Fulfill your financial goals.  Keep yourself motivated!

Financial Road Map Analysis is FREE. You may drop me an email and I’d be glad to help.

COL Financial in Easy Steps (Open an Account)

It seemed overwhelming and daunting when the word “STOCKS” comes in play.  The old school would probably say, just look for a broker and/or just apply yourself by commuting your way to their office but COL Financial has done it differently.

Sure, you may still walk-in and open an account but they’ve made opening an account easier.  With the help of my friend from Truly Rich Club, Joey, she assisted and instructed me to do the following:

1.  Visit the COL Financial Website and click on the OPEN ACCOUNT link.

2. Read thoroughly on what ACCOUNT TYPE would you possible want to enroll.


3. Accomplish the Application form online and have it printed.  You may also just print the document and fill it up manually.

4.  If you live near COL Financial, you may personally hand the forms and deposit your investment at their office or you may also contact COL Financial to have your requirements picked up.

The requirements are the following:

a. Filled Form

b. Photocopy of two (2) Government issued Identification Cards

c.  Fund Check or Cash

All checks must be payable to COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. Please include your Name and COL Account No. at the back.


It was easy breezy. The messenger went to my place early in the morning. You’ll be able to receive a notification email from COL Financial upon receipt of form. As soon as the check has been deposited and cleared, you’ll receive your username and password instantaneously. 

Upon approval and process of my account. I hurriedly logged on my BDO online portal and enrolled COL Financial in order for me to add more funds to invest once I start trading.

How convenient, right? Go ahead and open an account today!




Unstable: Here’s How to Fight it.

It’s pretty normal in Asian countries that their children stay within their parents quarters as long as they want or could.  Being in a country where family ties are very much intact and instilled, this somewhat makes our life a little bit more comfortable.

Having to live abroad for a year filled with challenges, changes and uncomfortable situations, I can’t help but somehow miss the independence (as much as I abhorred it). When you’re nearly thirty and went back to live with your parents; you can’t help but compare your situation from others. I admit, I have been falling into the comparison trap.

Taking an inventory of your life and others are natural, I assume. However, often times I find myself unhappy, irritated and disappointed of what I’ve been accomplishing. Being a person who’s always looking into a much brighter and better days, it doesn’t seem to give a cut.  I couldn’t help but ask myself “Am I coming up short, all the time? – Is this how my life should be? – in terms of career, finance and possessions.”

When these thoughts pop up and end up upset with my well-being. Here’s an approach that may seemed helpful in picking yourself up away from dragging yourself down.

1. Re-visit your Grateful Bucket

Everyday, I post a recap on how my day went. A nutshell of thoughts to be grateful for.  You may also have this noted in a journal, Tweet it or probably have a mason jar wherein you’d fill it with grateful thoughts everyday.  Having to think of how you day went makes life worthwhile.

Re-visiting your everyday thoughts would serve as a quick reminder that you’ve been living a brighter and better day, everyday.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, you can appreciate all the great things that make your days fulfilling.

2. Compare yourself with no one but yourself.

Comparing yourself with others is a habit one should get rid.  Don’t sabotage your own happiness. If there’s someone you must compare, it’s nobody else but who you were in the past and who you are now.

Keep working on your goals and be not side struck by others accomplishments. Makes sense?

3. Commit to Change. The Good one.

I’ve realized that when I feel down, upset, disappointed or negative in general; I tend to lounge around and do nothing.  Inactivity would make you lose a day, waste precious time. Get out there, MOVE.

Take advantage of what you have and reach out. There are endless possibilities. Curate a plan, write down a strategy and implement it. Set timelines. There really is no other way but to ACT and BE THE CHANGE.

What’s your game plan?